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I'm an amateur photographer. I've always enjoyed photography since I purchased my own 35 mm camera as a young adult, back in the "stone age" (okay, the mid seventies.) I took photos occasionally in those days and of course more so when I went on vacation somewhere special.

Since digital photography came along I've taken far more photos because the expense became dramatically less. Depending on the size of my memory card I could take as many photos as I wished and I could see the results immediately or at least within hours (instead of days or even after weeks passed as in the days before the digital camera and computers came along.) I no longer had to worry about paying to develop the many photos that inevitably ended-up being sub-standard. 

Since retiring (2010) I've started taking far more photos and in the last four years the amount of photos I've taken has increased dramatically. In the last four months, there's hardly a day that goes by that I don't take a picture or two, sometimes even a few hundred.

I've been on DeviantArt for several years and have accumulated a lot of photos here. I knew it was past time for me to start looking through them, throwing out what no longer suited me or what I felt was no longer representative of my best work. Deleting photos is often difficult for me because I attach emotionally to them. Even a mediocre photo can have sentimental meaning because of the memories it evokes. No one wishes to throw away memories. But photographs have a way of collecting. I still have many, many old 35 mm photos I need to sort through and throw out that are in boxes in storage.

Now my digital photos have accumulated to the point on my computer and in Deviant that I feel like a hoarder. It was past time to do some "weeding." It's been an interesting process. I have kept photos that I now look at and wonder what I was thinking about when I posted them. What does that mean exactly? Some of the photos were not even clearly focused. Where was my head at? When I discovered HDR I went gaga, over the top, even when I criticized others who did the same. Seems I didn't see the proverbial "plank" in my own eye. 

I think what I was observing in this deleting process is that as I've slowly gotten better as photographer (but I still have a long ways to go.) I've raised my own bar and I think that's a good thing. The truth is that while I've deleted a great many here, I could still stand to delete even more. (sigh) ... But this is a step in the right direction. It's been interesting to see (in all the old photos) my gradual enlightenment. I still need to delete a substantial number of photos from my computer and I've already started some of that process. The trouble of it is ... I'm too busy taking and processing photos. ;)  :P  

Maybe some of you can relate.


United States
Music, photography, spirituality and philosophy are my interests.



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